Sunday, March 28, 2004
Crazy Fundies

Redundant, I know. I want to say this, though: it's not a dig against Christians... the real kind, I mean, the ones who actually try to live by genuine Christian principles like acceptance, kindness, generosity, and love for one's neighbors. And my distate for fundamentalists extends to all religions and non-religions: I dislike muslim fundamentalists and atheist fundamentalists every bit as much as the Christian ones. Because only a fundamentalist would do something like this:

Texas Woman Who Stoned Sons Set for Trial

TYLER, Texas (AP) - Psychiatric experts for both the defense and prosecution agree that Deanna Laney, scheduled to go on trial Monday, was mentally ill last Mother's Day weekend when she stoned two of her sons to death and severely injured a third.


Laney, 39, a deeply religious woman who home-schooled her children in the tiny town of New Chapel Hill, 100 miles southeast of Dallas, called 911 just after midnight on May 10 and told a dispatcher: "I've just killed my boys."

She said God ordered her to do it.

Deputies found 8-year-old Joshua and 6-year-old Luke lying in the yard in their underwear, their skulls smashed and stones the size of dinner plates lying on their lifeless bodies. Their 14-month-old brother, Aaron, was found in his crib, alive but bleeding from a fractured skull, a pillow over his face. He is recovering.

But I'm sure the boys were raised in a good, Christian home right up until the day their mother stoned them to death.

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