Sunday, March 21, 2004
The Infinite Retch

Okay... so let me get all this straight.

1. The current government of Afghanistan (such as it is) is wobbly:

Fighting erupts in Herat after Afghan cabinet minister slain; up to 100 dead

2. The Palestinians are likely to be a bit upset after this:

Leader of Hamas reported dead after Israeli raid

3. And -- oh, joy! -- al-Qaeda says they have nukes.

al-Qaida No. 2: We Have Briefcase Nukes

And by the way...

U.S. Will Celebrate Pakistan as a 'Major Non-NATO Ally'

Pakistan? You mean, nuke-plan-selling, bin-Laden-ignoring Pakistan? THAT Pakistan?

Oh well... I suppose it makes about as much sense as us invading Iraq while shrugging off the fact that much of al-Qaeda's forces come from Saudi Arabia. And still -- STILL -- Bush wants us to re-elect him because he's "tough on terror," and wants to bring "stability and democracy" to the Middle East.

My disgust is infinite.

(Say... d'ya think a missile defense system works against briefcase nukes?)

UPDATE: That didn't take long...

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