Friday, March 19, 2004
Think this ever happened to Erasmus?

I weep for mankind.

Couple arrested after 'Passion' fight

Statesboro, Georgia (AP) -- A couple who got into a dispute over a theological point after watching "The Passion of the Christ" were arrested after the argument turned violent.

The two left the movie theater debating whether God the Father in the Holy Trinity was human or symbolic, and the argument heated up when they got home, Melissa Davidson said.


According to a police report, Melissa Davidson suffered injuries on her arm and face, while her husband had a scissors stab wound on his hand and his shirt was ripped off. He also allegedly punched a hole in a wall.

"Really, it was kind of a pitiful thing, to go to a movie like that and fight about it. I think they missed the point," said Gene McDaniel, chief sheriff's deputy.

See, I don't think they missed the point. I mean, they missed the point of Jesus, sure, but then so did Mel Gibson...

Seriously, if you produce a religious film that's made up mostly of 100+ minutes of torture and blood and violence and gore, y'know... a few people are gonna get "carried away with the spirit" and start stabbing each other.

I've been waiting for the inevitable rash of Power Rangers-style injuries among children; it never even occured to me to look at the adults.
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