Monday, April 12, 2004
Bremer Reads Between the Lines

Want to see why we're fucked in Iraq? Take this little exchange between Tim Russert and Viceroy Bremer, and then extrapolate...

MR. RUSSERT: John Burns of The New York Times was taken in custody for several hours, and his driver, who had been in prison for two years under Saddam, said, "It was God who finished Saddam, not the Americans," "The Americans broke all their promises to us, they have brought their infidel beliefs to Iraq. We hate them, and they are worse than Saddam." How do you deal with that mind-set?

AMB. BREMER: Well, first, isn't it nice that an Iraqi could speak his mind freely to a Western journalist a year after he would have had his tongue cut out for saying that under Saddam? Isn't that really the message?
Meet the Press, APR 11 04

Is Bremer really this stupid? Or -- more bluntly -- does Bremer really think we're this stupid?

By the way, I caught wind of this on the wonderful Today In Iraq. Go give 'em a visit.
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