Thursday, April 29, 2004
Happy Thursday

So, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney (aka "the rich, white Willie Tyler and Lester") are due to testify before the 9/11 commission today... not that we'll get to hear any of what they say, nor will we even be able to read it, since it's all hushed-up and "private." Good to know they care.

Oh, and Fallujah's set to blow any minute now; I spent most of the afternoon watching a fuzzy green live feed of fire on CNN. I still have hope that the Coalition will resist the temptation to go in with guns a-blazin', but it's a small, modest hope... they've mostly let me down so far.

But enough of the negative stuff; sometimes good things happen in this world, too. For example, there's the homeless man I know who 's frequently found around First Congregational in Memphis, which is where the Co-op is housed. His name is David, and he's an awfully nice guy... he suffers from a chronic, often-debilitating gastrointestinal disorder, and the church folks try to help him out as best they can. I frequently give him a few bucks toward that night's admission to the local mission when I have it to spare, and occassionally I've helped him search for information on his disorder on the internet. He helps out doing odd jobs around the church and washing windows... he's a kindly, helpful kind of guy, and he has a lot of friends in Midtown.

When he's not sleeping at the mission, apparently he's been squatting in an empty house in the vicinity. When I ran into him a couple of days ago, he was all smiles... David had been found by the house's owner, but rather than kick him out or call the cops on him, he offered David a chance to stay there legitamately in return for nothing more than help fixing the place up a little. Now that he has an address, he can file for disability benefits, hopefully find work of some kind, and start living a modest-but-dignified life again.

And it just really made me feel happy to see something good happen to someone who deserves a break; it's satisfying to know that even with the world seemingly turning to shit on a daily basis, some people are still making these gestures of generosity and solidarity toward strangers. Not to get all corny, but it does kinda restore your faith... even if these bastards are doing their best to fuck us all over, we all still have the opportunity to be there for each other.

Other recent personal news: I've been on a baking tear lately; specifically baking bread. I like to think (justifiably from what I've been told) that I'm not a half-bad cook. I'd never do it for a living, and I don't do it all that often, but when I do it's very satisfying... I tend to prefer the simple, less-is-more approach that revolves around procuring the best possible ingredients and cooking them in a pretty straightforward manner. But even so, there's something about being elbow-deep in bread dough that you just can't get from anything else... it's a complicated, subtle process but still really "basic" in the largest possible sense.

Anyway, I think it all stemmed from a really fresh boule of sourdough I bought like a week ago... I've had nothing but standard-issue, industrially-produced sandwich bread in over a year -- hadn't baked any in even longer -- so the minute I got a mouthful of a good sourdough my head fucking exploded. It was bread that seemed to be alive and breathing, bread that wasn't going down without a fight. Heaven.

Since then, I've been almost fanatical. For the first time I'm even contemplating trying to harvest myself a good wild yeast culture... god knows what Mississippi would yield in that department, but it seems worth the effort to find out. I'm also itching for a good bagel -- in spite of Memphis having the largest Jewish population in the region, there are none to be had here these days -- so I might try that out, too.

And I'm doing some light housecleaning for extra cash... it's pretty ironic, really, given my reputation at home, but it's good in its way; it certainly keeps you grounded. It's hard to be too full of yourself when you're scrubbing the floor.

But at the same time, while I don't mind the work, it's only because I'm treated well. Shit like this, however, brings out the class warrior in me... don't make me go get my guillotine.
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