Thursday, April 08, 2004
Nobody Likes a Smartass

Wow... Iraq's turning to shit really fast, isn't it?

It's kinda frustrating over here right now... the US news outlets appear to be sitting on whatever information they have, so while there seems to be a general sense that there's some Heavy Shit going down in Iraq, there's no good way of finding out about it. Many folks are trying to glean what they can from scattered reports from foreign news sources.

However, so far this seems to be reliable: 1) the US has lost two, possibly three cities to insurgents; 2) hostages have been taken and at least half-a-dozen or so GIs have been killed today; 3) in fact, the Sunnis and the Shiites are at least working together, if not fighting together; 4) it's going to get worse before it gets better.

And how is President George W. Bush spending the day?

At his ranch. Fucking typical.

Meanwhile, back here at home, apparently some Republicans have finally decided that maybe this war wasn't such a good idea after all.

C'mon, you fucking unpatriotic pussies... you wanted a war, you got one! We've only had 40 or so American men and women killed this week; during Vietnam we'd lose that many before breakfast. If you don't mind losing one or two a day, why not lose 6? Why not 12? Why not 50, or 500? What's the fucking difference? If you don't value one human life, why does multiplying the number suddenly register on your moral radar? As for the GOP's newly-discovered capacity to question the Bush administration, those of us who were anti-war from the beginning asked all of these questions a year ago, and we were branded cowards, spineless, terrorist-cuddling America-haters and traitors for doing so. The right said that our doubts and anxieties gave aid and comfort to the enemy, demoralized the troops, and made the United States look weak in front the international community. Now, me, I think getting our asses kicked out of two cities in spite of vastly superior firepower looks pretty bad, too... but then again, I was arguing that superior firepower alone might not be enough to do the job back before we even had a job to do. And if you fuckers had listened to us weak-willed, cowardly, unpatriotic, dictator-coddling, president-bashing, anti-war protesting surrender monkeys a year ago, we wouldn't have lost a single GI.

They say nobody likes a smartass... but fuck that. We told you so. Now quit whinging and figure out a way to get us the fuck out of this war we never should have started in the first place.

Addendum: A number of bloggers are suggesting that the confusing silence in the press amounts to a concerted news blackout. (Read the accompanying comments for the full picture.) Stories turn up, and then disappear. Photographs depict things that haven't been reported. Foreign sources mention events that never seem to be mentioned in American news. Some events are reported, and then there's never any follow up.

Rather unsettling, no?

(addendum to the addendum: apparently there is a semi-blackout going on. )
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