Monday, April 12, 2004
Places I Didn't Expect to See Bob Dylan, #34

Boy, just when you think reality has debased itself to such a degree that even black humor just makes you cry, god steps in and dishes up something this funny.

Which brings me to the second possible motive: pure whimsy. He may just think it's funny to be in an underwear ad and that flying to Venice to leer at models could make for a diverting weekend. (I also wouldn't totally discount the idea that he's playing a sly, decades-in-the-making practical joke. Newspaper reports have noted that in 1965, when asked what might tempt him to sell out, Dylan said, "Ladies undergarments."

Now, I don't actually know much about Bob Dylan... I know the one time I had a chance to go see him play (Beale Street Music Festival, around, like, '96 or so) I passed up the chance and was delighted to instead hear the guy who recorded "Poke Sallet Annie" playing in the street for spare change. (He was good, too.) But I'm thinking Bob probably deserves a pass from Hicks' First Law of Artists in Commercials.

But the question remains: Do I wany my underwear to "exude the spirit and essence of Bob Dylan"?
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