Saturday, April 10, 2004
The Price of Hubris

Anybody who watched American news roughly a year ago -- around the time of the fall of Baghdad -- probably remembers this guy:

The name of our old cigar-chomping Marine buddy, who was one of the American celebrants at the heavily-staged toppling of Saddam's statue, is Sgt. Nick Popaditch. Guess where Sgt. Popaditch is today?

In an army hospital. His tank was hit was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade, and he suffered "major head injuries" including the loss of his right eye.

Obviously nobody deserves such an injury; I sincerely hope he recovers well, and that his injuries don't interfere with his having a full and rewarding life once he gets back home. This isn't so much about one soldier as it is about the microcosm of the war that he represents. Those who were waxing triumphant a year ago are licking their wounds now... and who can truthfully say they never saw it coming?
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