Friday, April 02, 2004
Rant Round-up, Vol. 3

I've been meaning to make the rant round-up a weekly thing on Fridays, but I just haven't felt like ranting today; I've been feeling pretty laid-back and serene all day. It never occured to me when I started this one-woman meme that I'd actually be not angry enough to pull it off, especially only three weeks in.

But, I've still got... lessee... 20 minutes left in Friday, so I'll see what I can do.

Congratulations to George W. Bush for pulling off a robust-by-any-standard 306,000 job-creation number for March... only 1.8 million to go to get back to net zero!

Looks like Condi's going to be testifying on Thursday; looking forward to that. And, of course, the Dick and Dubya show is going to play to the 9/11 commission shortly... insert obligatory joke about Cheney's arm up George's ass here. (It's a puppet thing... I'm actually going for the less-filthy interpretation this time.)

The right wing is all flustered over John Kerry showing up on the slopes with a plastic daisy dangling from his jacket's zipper pull... honestly, you give some people a little good news and they start acting like assholes. I'd much rather have a president with a flower on his jacket than one with his package all pooched out of the military flight suit he never had the balls to wear in actual combat.

Air America Radio, while undeniably a Good Thing, is apparently taking a little time to get up to speed. Randi Rhodes gave Ralph Nader hell -- always good to hear -- but from what I understand (I lack the bandwidth to listen online), the O'Franken Factor and Majority Report are both falling slightly short of expectations. As much as I respect Mr. Franken, and as much vicarious pleasure I take in his taunting of Bill O'Reilly, he's not my all-time favorite; I never did care much for his Stuart Smalley character. I still fully anticipate that Ms. Garofalo will get it figured out and will become a real barnstormer in time... she's never done radio, so I'm sure it's taking a while to get used to it. But seriously... this network needs Mike bigtime. 20-year veteran of liberal talk radio, and every bit the equal of that smackhead Rush Limbaugh... c'mon, Air America, give a guy some airtime.

Fuck it... I got nothin'. Maybe I'll be pissed off again tomorrow.
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