Saturday, April 03, 2004
Whither Colin

First thing I should mention: I once had a good bit of respect for Colin Powell. The guy seemed to be pretty straight-up, an honest sort, without a rabid ideology of any kind... trustworthy, dependable. That was before he joined the Bush administration and discovered his inner whore; seeing him testifying before the UN Security Council was among the biggest disappointments of the lead-up to the Iraq war. "Colin, say it ain't so..."

Since then, I've detested him almost more than people like Rumsfeld or Ashcroft; those guys are just evil, but Powell chose the Dark Side of his own free will, even when -- you can see it on his face -- he knew it was wrong. The man, who surely passes for gentle among high-ranking career military men, has grown testy and surly over the last few months... lashing out at his underlings, sneering at detractors, continuing -- continuing! -- to back the President even as it becomes painfully obvious that the both of 'em were dead, dead wrong.

My faith in him was obliterated absolutely. That's why, when I see something like this, I can only assume that rather than taking a stand like his former colleagues O'Neill and Clarke, Powell's merely participating in an administration-approved gradual rollout of a twisted, heavily-spun admission of failure.

Watch him doubletalk:

Secretary of State Colin Powell conceded Friday evidence he presented to the United Nations that two trailers in Iraq were used for weapons of mass destruction may have been wrong.


But now, Powell said, "it appears not to be the case that it was that solid."

He said he hoped the intelligence commission appointed by President Bush to investigate prewar intelligence on Iraq "will look into these matters to see whether or not the intelligence agency had a basis for the confidence that they placed in the intelligence at that time."

Note the unnecessary use of passive voice, a sure fucking sign that they're trying to tiptoe around a plain truth: the information was bogus, and the intelligence agency was wrong. The administration's reasons for invading Iraq were fallacious. He knows it, but even now he can't just fucking say it already... the best he can do is to say in an ass-backwards way that he hopes somebody else eventually says it.

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