Wednesday, May 26, 2004
A Few Words From Our President

The legitimate one, that is.

Update: I watched the replay of the speech on C-span tonight, and I highly recommend it to anyone with a good fast connection. (It's just over an hour long.) Once Gore really hit his stride, it was like he was channeling a southern preacher (in a good way). We got to see the statesman he could have been, and the president we might've had. The comparison is extremely unflattering to the Bush administration. It was, quite possibly, the speech of Al Gore's life.

I also agree with the prevailing sentiment that Gore is running offense for Kerry with this speech. While Kerry keeps a low profile on current events (thereby maximizing his options as the campaign progresses), he's not in a good position to make angry denunciations. Gore, however, has no such pressing need, and thus can speak plainly... what do you think it would take to create a political system in which all of our politicians could focus on speaking truth, as opposed to pandering to the electorate?

C-span makes it tricky to link directly to the clip, so go to the website, where the video is still current on the front page. If they move it, you want clip #17708; it's well worth the time. Otherwise, read the transcript at the link above.
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