Thursday, May 13, 2004
Hangin' With Mr. Baker

I got to spend much of this evening doing something I haven't gotten to do in waaaay too long: sitting around talking about filmmaking.

Tonight the Co-op hosted a special workshop by Kelley Baker (aka The Angry Filmmaker), a guy who has worked closely with lots of people you've heard of, but still slogs away making these wonderful little documentary shorts and indie features on his own time. It was one of the more useful workshops I've had the pleasure of attending -- and remember, I spent three years in a well-known British film school. Kelley provided a much-needed whiff of oxygen; he's exactly the kind of filmmaker I most admire: entirely down-to-earth, completely lacking in pretention or obvious ego issues, no bullshit, and all about the love. After the workshop -- which, like I said, was great -- a number of us walked half a block to the Young Avenue Deli and sat outside (in what is likely to be one of the last cool, pleasant evenings until October), sharing onion rings, chili cheese fries, beer and soda. We stayed for hours... we easily outlasted the band that was playing tonight. I really wish I could do that more often; it would do me a world of good.

But what I most appreciated was the validation of everything we're trying to do here as meaningful and worthwhile... Kelley affirmed for all of us that this foolish filmmaking endeavor is both possible and worthy (he even reassured me that I probably will be able to pay of my student loans... eventually, at least), and that there is a side of filmmaking that isn't steeped in cynicism and raw self-interest, that there are still people who makes films because they just love to make films. If people like Kelley Baker got the recognition that we provide to Hollywood, we'd have a far more vibrant and interesting film culture to enjoy.

So thanks, Kelly, I really needed that. Hope you come back by the next time you're down this way.
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