Thursday, May 27, 2004
I Know This Exists, But It's Always Disturbing To Be Reminded

I was driving east on Park today, trying to dodge the repaving work on Poplar along with everyone else. I noticed that the SUV in front of me had a sticker on the bumper: "I Ride With Forrest".

"No," I thought, "it can't be what I think it is. It's gotta be Forrest Gump, Forest Whitacker, some cultural reference I'm not familiar with... anything but the Forrest I'm thinking of."

I managed to squirm my way into the next lane, and pulled up alongside the SUV on the driver's side. I got a look at the driver -- a very typical, suburban, soccer-mom-looking blonde woman. She looked absolutely nothing like a cross-burning, hood-wearing Klansman; I'd never have suspected it in a hundred thousand years.

But it seems it was true.
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