Monday, June 28, 2004
Actions That Make No Sense #1247

It was announced today that, after 15 months of hanging around, it has suddenly become absolutely imperative that the handover of "authority" to Iraq be made not two days from now, oh no... it has to be done today. TODAY, DAMN IT!

The reason that was given for suddenly wanting to pull it forward by two desperately-urgent days when we've been putzing around for so long? Why, to show the terrorists who's boss. (How exactly that gets the point across I'm not certain.)

Does this make sense to anybody?

But hey, at least now we can bring all those troops home, right? Yep, our fighting men and women should be home by the end of the week. Right?


Oh. Crap.

(But seriously, 100 points to anyone who can explain to me what the fuck just happened. CNN's reporting that the handover has already occured; there's talk of "heavy helicopter activity." Why are we getting out so fast?)
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