Monday, June 14, 2004
Day Eight (halfway)

We shot more restaurant scenes today... a different restaurant, and different people (or at least mostly different people.) One of the advantages of working in a city with no film industry is that local businesses are more than happy to be inconvenienced by a film shoot on their premises. In many cases, we could just turn up and start shooting, and nobody would give us any trouble; certainly nobody ever asks for a fee. Try doing that in New York or Los Angeles.

Before the shoot, at the downtown cast/crew rendezvous, Morgan mentioned how good the weather's been... he's right, we've been very lucky for the most part. It's rained some this month, but only when we were shooting indoors, or on off days; our exterior shoots have been uniformly clear and sunny. He said, however, that he kinda wished it would rain... something odd, maybe even sorta freakish, to reflect the mood of the film.

He got his wish. Not an hour later, just as we were ready to start shooting a scene at Automatic Slim's downtown, a sudden, torrential rainstorm swept across the city. The streets outside, never able to deal with a heavy rainfall, instantly became rivers; the rain was sheeting down. It kept up clear through the scene (it'll be obvious in the final film), and then let up as we packed up to move on.

We hurried to Court Square (a location used at various times throughout the film) and managed to shoot the aftermath of the previous scene while the ground was still wet. Morgan seems to have good luck with natural phenomena... they sometimes seem to come to him when called. Case in point, the shooting star at the end of Blue Citrus Hearts. That was just bizarre.

Anyway, all went pretty well.

After the shoot we all went to Young Avenue Deli for some much-needed lunch/dinner. Ran into Doug, who said I should be more specific in these posts (hi Doug), and Josh Laurenzi, who was one of the two primary actors in BCH.

Since I've started working on this film, I've gotten three (count 'em: three!) offers to work on other people's films later this year. None of it's paid, though... when, oh when will somebody offer me some paying work? Anyway, as flattering as it is, for the most part I'm just not interested in this stuff... it comes in waves, and except under very specific circumstances, I've always turned it down. I might make one exception in July, but that's only because the director seems to have a very solid grip on what he's undertaking, and the script (what I've seen of it, at least) has been solid. The rest -- no offense to anyone -- just doesn't offer me much but hard work with no reward. I don't need much to work on a film, but I do need something; and vague promises of unlikely fame and success just aren't enough.

Anyway, I've still got this film to finish, a film festival to work in October, a short of my own to produce in November, and a life to be getting on with. I don't have time for any more than one additional long-format film this year at most, and that slot on my dance card is all but taken already. So thanks for the kind offers, but stop asking!
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