Friday, June 18, 2004
Day Eleven

I really should've written this post last night, but by the time I got home, the only two things in the world I was interested in were dinner and bed. So, a day late...

I got to the Co-op fine yesterday morning, but when Amber came down an hour or so later she said, "Do you know you've got a flat tire?"

"A flat?"


"How flat is it?"

"Well, it's on the rim."


I went up to check it out, and sure enough, that was one flat-ass tire. But, it wasn't such a big deal; I've been chaffeuring people around for two weeks, and it's time for somebody to give me a lift instead, so I didn't desperately need my car until it's time to go home (which ultimately turns out not to be until after midnight). I start leaving messages for my mother at work.

As it happens, Ginger is spending the day sleeping, and has given Morgan use of her black Mercedes for the day. Normally I avoid black cars -- it's a little superstition of mine, since both I and my mother were nearly killed in/by black cars -- but I can't imagine Ginger's car wanting to kill me, so I ride with Morgan all day. I tend to be a kind of anti-snob about cars, but I have to admit, it was a nice ride... we went to Butler Street via Peabody, a path I've never taken before. It's a strange little road: the pinnacle of Memphis affluence at one end, and the lowest dregs of humanity at the other. We ride with the windows down, Morgan playing some weird Morgan-music on the (very good) stereo... I was elated with the whole thing.

The early-afternoon shoots go well, if a bit slowly. We were kicked off the sidewalk outside the Union Ave. bus station by a humorless rent-a-cop, but merely headed down the block a bit and continued as usual. Then we went out for pizza, sat around enjoying the air conditioning for a while, and got ready for the night time shoots. In here somewhere, my mom and her husband turned up at the Co-op, and Rick kindly changed my tire for me. (Yes, I know how, but those pneumatic wrenches they use at garages fasten the nuts on so tightly that I couldn't even begin to remove them.)

We did a sunset shoot on the old train bridge across the Mississippi. I didn't go out onto the bridge myself, although I would've liked to... what with the Patriot Act and all, it's now against the law to make images of bridges (among other things), and we didn't want a reprisal of the bus station problem, so the smallest possible crew went out to avoid attracting attention. Amber and I hung back in the park flirting with a beautiful, friendly, affectionate orange cat, then headed to Butler Street to collect the remaining actors. We took a bit of a wrong turn and ended up in Frayser for a few minutes (not particularly safe after dark) but soon found our way back.

The night shoot was painfully boring, for me at least; I and another crewie hung back to guard the cars while the rest walked to Main Street to do a few scenes. For two hours we sat there in awkward silence (I have never found anything to say to this guy), I playing with my hair and fending off ravenous mosquitos, he mostly fiddling with his mobile phone. A mosquito bit my left upper eyelid. Little fucking bastard.
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