Thursday, June 10, 2004
Day Four


I'm so tired it physically hurts. And I've still got five hours to go.

A pretty typical day so far... mostly good, some problems. Only two extras (of fifteen called in) turned up for the second scene of the day; we had to fill in the gaps with crewies (although I was not among their number.) We managed without them... no-show extras are an inevitable risk in a production of this kind.

The actor who was missing on day three (the same one who chewed me out by telephone at five in the morning) sent us a note apologizing profusely, saying that he had realized the error was entirely his. He'd somehow corrupted the address we gave him for the meeting point while mapping it online. I admit I didn't care for the phone call -- although I've endured far, far worse -- so the apology made me feel better about things. I suppose stuff like this just happens from time to time.

Morgan ponied up for a catered lunch for everyone this afternoon... vegan Mexican food. It was okay, although I can't imagine how excluding any and all salt from the beans was necessary.


People are dropping like flies... most of the core crew has been going for 24 hours now, and that following another 20-hour day. Even those of us who are still ambulatory are getting punchy, people are getting silly, Tim's been singing these odd little songs for hours. Things that normally would not be that funny seem fucking hilarious right now... I've been giving poor Derrick endless shit about his t-shirt ("I Love My Weiner" with a silhouette of a dachshund) all day long; it's the day's running joke. Morgan, amazingly, is still going... that guy can stay awake like nobody I've ever seen.

This is all, as it happens, highly apropos for this film... it's about people staying up for days on end, each for his or her own reasons. However, in the film, these people only stay up for three days or so; at the moment it feels a bit like we're going to have to stay up for the entire month of June. I'm beginning to suspect the whole month is going to feel like one ridiculously long day with naps.


Morgan is crashing hard. We only have one more easy shot scheduled today -- something we can do another time -- so we're quitting early.

Amber, who's also on active duty in the Navy, is working on the base until Friday, so she's missing all of this. She called me earlier to check in, said she loves us and misses us.

3:20 AM, Thursday

I've finally managed to get some sleep, some decent food in me, and a long, hot bath, so I'm feeling much better now. Looking over the schedule, I think yesterday was the hardest day by far... we still have some shoots at strange hours, but nothing I think will require that we all be up for more than 16 hours straight (which I can manage, no problem). Today, apparently, was trial by acute exhaustion; I feel fairly confident that I passed. But I'm still glad it's over.
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