Saturday, June 05, 2004
Day One

The first day of the shoot went far more smoothly than any I've ever worked on before... a lot of that is probably down to the streamlined nature of the production: small crew, very little equipment, lots of preparation. If we can keep things moving this way, the rest will be quite easy.

The day started with my losing my drivers license... not in the sense that a cop came and took it off me, only in that the actual object has gone astray. I called every place I went to before I noticed its absence, but nobody had turned it in. So I guess on Monday I'll have to go to the DMV and get a new one.

Paul, who had primary roles in Morgan's last film as well as the play he produced, is missing. Nobody at all seems to know where he is; nobody at his house has heard from him, even his (ex?)girlfriend doesn't know where the boy is at. This has been going on for several days... I hope he's okay, especially since he's in a scene we're shooting tomorrow. I'm callous, I know. Come back to us, Paul.

And then tonight, while shooting a couple of scenes by the river, Morgan got a bug in his ear. We spent about ten minutes fishing around with a pair of tweezers while Morgan made really agonized sounds. Eventually it was removed, although not without some difficulty and general freaking-out (it was a rather small fly-type thingy, although admittedly quite large to be in one's ear), and we got on with the last shot. Tim had the presence of mind to film most of the incident, so I have no doubt that it'll make it into the making-of documentary.

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