Sunday, June 13, 2004
Day Seven

We spent the afternoon and evening shooting some restaurant scenes at Tsunami. Doris was back as a pissed-off customer (for those who watch the film closely, it may occasionally appear that there are only fifteen or sixteen people living in Memphis); we had better luck with the extras today. We broke a couple of plates, we threw a little food, the usual sort of thing. A pretty smooth shoot all told.

There was a brief moment of excitement when a local transient denizen known as Bill suffered a grand mal seizure on the sidewalk outside; everyone rushed to help and to call the ambulance. He seemed to find his awakening to a crowd of people more alarming than the seizure itself. The paramedics, who were clearly very familiar with Bill, helped him up and took him to the hospital. This kind of thing is starting to become rather common... little "emergencies" that turn out to be not all that serious, but are distressing enough in the moment. First, there was the bug in Morgan's ear; then, last week, the fire alarms in the church went off, and five fire trucks showed up (it was a false alarm); and now another ambulance/fire truck call for old Bill. Very odd.

Everyone's supposed to be going to a local club for 80s dance night... I have to say, I'm not a big clubber. However, in order to show willing, I'm going briefly; I suppose it can't hurt anything, and it'll make Amber and Morgan happy.
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