Friday, June 11, 2004
Day Six

Another easy one. Up and at it early, but the shoot was very close to the Co-op, at Morgan's apartment, and not too intensive. We had a short day, and then went to Otherlands for coffee and bagels.

Morgan's off to NYC for the weekend for a festival screening of Blue Citrus Hearts. Apparently it's already sold out. I wish I could go, too. Happily, Morgan says we're all going to the premiere of the new film in Chicago in November. Not the best time of year to go to Chicago, certainly, but it'll be great to get out of Memphis for a couple of days.

On my way home, I saw something that pleased me immensely. I have few compulsive little habits, but one thing I can't help doing is rescuing tortoises. This time of year they wander out onto the blacktop roads in Mississippi to sun themselves, and invariably get crushed under the tires of the big fuck-off 3/4 ton trucks that the rednecks drive. I hate that. So, whenever I see one in a dangerous spot, I've gotta turn around, pick the little fella up, and remove him to a safe spot.

So this morning, I saw a very young loggerhead in the road, about as big as my hand. It was a good quarter mile before I could find a place to turn around; by the time I got back to the spot, a big water tanker had stopped, and I actually saw the driver get out, walk around to the tortoise, pick him up, and take him off into the drainage ditch where he'd be safe. I was thrilled! I'm not the only person who cares! Maybe the world's not so bad after all, eh?

Anyway, I have tomorrow off, so it'll be a day for laundry and, with luck, for catching up on my sleep. Next week may prove to be rather crazy, so I think I'd better get while the getting's good.
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