Saturday, June 26, 2004
Day Sixteen

Y'know... I'm really tired of blogging about this shoot. I'm really tired of the shoot itself, too. I'm just ready to be done, to move on with my life, get on to the next thing.

So let's make it simple:

We did some shooting at the Butler Street Bazaar; it all went fine. Some lady, apparently a friend of one of the actresses, wandered perilously close to the shot, but none of us could pull her away without also risking ruining the shot. As the action came close to her, she ended up hiding behind a door. I think it all turned out okay.

An hour or so after dinner, I started feeling really, really queasy. I can't imagine what would have made me sick -- dinner was catered, rice and beans, salad, fruit, bread, brownies, nothing that seemed particularly salmonella or e. coli-prone -- but I was definitely ill. It was the last shoot of the last (official) day, and I was trying my best to hang in there, but obviously out on a film shoot is the last fucking place you want to be with a case of food poisoning, so Amber sent me home. I felt rather guilty about it, but relieved. I had a rough night, but I feel much better now.

Tomorrow we make another attempt at the second party-house shoot, and then, I believe, my obligations to this film are complete, and any further shooting will be on an as-you-can basis.
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