Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Day Ten

Not much to report today... in reality, this was supposed to be a day off from shooting, but we had to reschedule an important scene, and this was the most convenient time to do it. We shot an exchange between a father and son at a Cafe Francisco downtown (there are a lot of restaurants in this movie), and it went very easily.

The film's executive producer, Ginger, turned up today; she's really more of Morgan's sugar-mama / benefactress than anything else, but she's cool and always fun. (God, the life I could live if I was independently wealthy, eh?)

Two distributors have expressed an interest in picking up Blue Citrus Hearts, which is incredibly good news for Morgan. Technically the film is a bit of a mess in places (even taking into account Morgan's Dogme 95-eque philosophy), but it's really soulful and heartfelt... it's nice to see people taking an interest in a film from an emotional perspective. If we had more soul in the cinema, even at the expense of technical proficiency, I think we'd be better off.
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