Tuesday, June 08, 2004
Day Three

I am so tired.

It's been nearly 24 hours since I last slept, and I started really feeling it a couple of hours ago. The shoot today was not so smooth... one of our main actors was apparently MIA for most of the morning, leaving the other nine of us dodging panhandlers in a downtown park at 4 AM, unable to shoot anything. We're still not really sure what happened -- he called us two hours after call time, very angry, saying that he'd waited at the appointed meeting place for 90 minutes but that nobody was there. This can't have been correct; there was at least one person there, specifically waiting for him, from 3:45 AM on. At one point there were four people waiting. We're still not really sure where the disconnect occured; all I know is he was swearing down the phone at me. But that's okay... y'know, whatever.

In any case, this guy was in every shot we had planned for the morning, so we couldn't shoot any of what was scheduled. We kept one of the other actresses and had her just improvise some hopefully-useful material with Tim, but we still have to re-schedule the entire day's shoot.

I've got to do the Co-op workshop tonight, and then it's back out at 4 AM again tomorrow morning; hopefully it'll go more smoothly next time. (I knew it couldn't go that smoothly forever.)
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