Tuesday, June 22, 2004
Day Three, Revisted

(A day late posting this... sorry.)

We re-shot Mark's stuff in Court Square, making up for the shoot when things went a bit wrong. It went much better this time, although we were still short one actor -- a much less difficult thing to deal with this time, as she wasn't crucial to the scene.

One of Mark's scenes involved another time-lapse shot, which went very well. The mosquitos were horrendous, though... the rest of us were being driven insane, and poor Mark just had to sit there, stock still, and take it while we did the shot. He sat there like a buddha while the mosquitos did their damnedest to drain him dry.

We had another encounter with a fire truck and an ambulance... nothing even remotely to do with us, but it does sometimes seem as though our little drama is attracting a lot of other little dramas.

Otherwise, it was pretty much the usual stuff... dealing with panhandlers, sipping coffee... typical movie shoot activities.
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