Saturday, June 19, 2004
Day Twelve

I took the morning off to get my tire fixed, missing the first two scenes of the day. Although Morgan had given me complete, enthusiastic permission, I still felt vaguely guilty... apart from him, I think I'm the only person to not miss a single shoot so far. Maybe it's something like being in the army: I really, really hate to think that I'm not doing my share of the work; but at the same time, they didn't really need me this morning, and the tire did need patching. I guess it's not that big a deal.

Anyway, the third shoot (my first) was at the party house... we have a fourteen-year-old boy playing an underage junkie who's eventually found dead in a bathtub; we were shooting the bathtub scene. The house's owners have a large, friendly black lab named Finnegan, who spent most of the shoot with me. This was not so much because he loved me -- although he did -- but because the actress who finds the junkie kid doesn't care much for big dogs, so Finnegan had to be managed. I ended up covered in black hair and dog slobber, but I didn't object.

From there we went over to another actor's home -- actually his parents' home -- in a prosperous, green part of midtown. The support crew were corralled into the back of the house and spent the shoot drinking root beer and watching "Dune" (the David Lynch version). Once we were done, it was back to the Co-op... some went out for sushi, I headed home.

So, another uneventful day. Apparently the resulting footage was particularly good.
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