Monday, June 07, 2004
Day Two

We had a pretty uneventful day; Paul turned up safe and sound, ready to work. He's playing a guy who's badly strung out on methamphetamines, and he went so far as to wear clothes that he actually got from a heavy meth user. He looked like a nasty piece of work... the kind of really mean guy who wouldn't look for trouble, maybe, but would run over your dog out of spite if the opportunity presented itself.

We wrangled a couple of skater boys around the park where we were shooting in the afternoon to accost and harrass Paul's character; a third hung back and we chatted while they shot the scene. (I didn't mention my own days hanging out with the skater boys, or the skater boy I took home and lived with for six years. I imagined what I would sound like -- old and completely out-of-it, a bad attempt at being "hip with the kids" -- and I just couldn't bear the thought.) I fed ginger cookies to the squirrels... they were tame enough to come up and take them from my hand.

I've been giving Derrick, a 19-year-old friend from the workshops, a hard time of it; he's working as a PA, so he's certainly under my jurisdiction, but he still acts like a buddy during the shoot. He knows we tease because we love... even so, he's possibly going to be working on Craig Brewer's shoot in July, and if he messes around there like we let him do on ours (and which I wouldn't let him do if the shoot were more intense), he won't last long. I'm not sure when to start pulling the reins in on him... but it might not matter, since he's going to become the executive producer's private PA in a couple of days.

In the evening we went to the Two-Way Inn (a seedy-looking little box of a bar up the street from the Co-op) to shoot a scene. It was slightly iffy at first, since while the owner of the bar knew about the shoot and had agreed to it, it seems he never told the staff, so they were somewhat surprised. In the end, though, they just hung back and let us get on with it... it didn't take long.
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