Saturday, June 19, 2004
Day... Er... What Day Is It, Again?

An easy day, but full of strangeness. We only shot a single scene, a time-delay shot at a nearby high school, and a little supplementary stuff. We had an immense need for extras, and not just any extras, but high-school aged extras. Since they would hardly be perceptible as defined shapes (much less faces) in the shot, we had a bit of room to play, but we still wanted as many as we could get. And we did okay, I suppose... we had fifteen or so. We would've been better off with fifty, but we made it work.

We returned to the Co-op to hang around a while before the evening's activities, and after an hour or so we noticed an odd smell. It was faint at first, but after a while enough other people had noticed that they began coming around asking if we smelled it, too. It was a bit like something burning, but also vaguely food-like, strangely enough... once people began to notice faint traces of smoke in the air, though, we knew something was up, and the building was evacuated. Five fire trucks came -- the same five from the false alarm last week? Who knows? -- and the source turned out to be smoldering insulation. The Memphis fire department takes church fires extremely seriously, particularly after a rash of fires at African-American churches a few years ago. First Congo isn't a specifically black church, but it's a very mixed, very progressive, and particularly a very pacifict and pro-gay church, so you never know what might happen.

Anyway, the offending insulation as removed, a suggestion that the church have their wiring looked at was issued, and the fire trucks left.

The biggest thing tonight, though, was Morgan's surprise birthday party, which we held at Java Cabana. It was the usual kind of affair -- birthday cake with frothy white icing, and champagne. In a fit of nostalgia for my childhood, I demanded a piece with a big yellow-icing rose on it, knowing perfectly well that my adult body would never be able to handle it. I was right. I had to pawn the rose off on Brandon, who licked it off his fingers while making salacious faces.

Now I have a day or two off... we have a rescheduled shoot early, early on Monday morning (early enough to still be Sunday night for all useful purposes), but until then I've got time to rest up a bit, catch up on some stuff I've been needing to do, and get myself ready for the final stretch. We don't have much of this film left to shoot; I know once it's over, I'll be wishing we could do it again, but for now I'm looking forward to getting past this project. (Still glad I did it, though, absolutely.)
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