Sunday, June 27, 2004
The Difference Between American Journalists And Real Journalists

So, Bush's people are pissed off an Carole Coleman.

Why? Because when she did an interview with him for Irish television on Friday night, she asked too many questions. And when she asked them, she didn't just accept the standard "blah blah freedom blah blah terrorists" answers that they offer to everyone over here. She actually wanted, like, actually real answers and stuff. The nerve!

But I suppose we could excuse Bush for being miffed at being ambushed by what he thought would be a friendly reporter. You go in expecting one thing, and you get something completely different... that would be rough, sure.

Oh... except Coleman had already cleared all the questions with Bush and his team. D'oh!

I think it's actually a much more tragic statement about the American media than about Carole Coleman. The woman clearly made some not-entirely-journalistic concessions, and was still handed her ass when she (gasp!) expected answers that made sense. Anybody who's been watching the American media pussyfoot around Bush for three-and-a-half years, never asking him for anything more than a few minutes in which to watch him sitting there looking pretty and talking like a cowboy, knows about this all too well.
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