Monday, June 14, 2004
Happy Birthday, Queen!

No work today - it's the Queen's Birthday.

Actually, the queen has several birthdays, depending on where you are. In Australia it's the second Monday in June, in New Zealand it's a week earlier, and in Canada it's celebrated on May 24. Meanwhile, the day on which the queenie actually gets her presents is, (presumably) the anniversary of her birth which is the 21st of April. I guess a public holiday makes sense in the middle of June in the Northern Hemisphere, but in this part of the world, Queen's Birthday weekend is typically wet, grey and COLD! Whatever, it's our last public holiday until November, so we've all gotta make the most of it.

I've had a huge weekend. Some friends have been down from Sydney, so a group of us went out for an excellent dinner on Friday night. We went to Mecca, on Southbank - and a mighty fine time was had by all. We've been to two dance parties - ever so self-indulgent - and today a group of us went for a long lunch at the Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder: something that I highly recommend for any visitors to Melbourne. We're very very spoilt in Melbourne, with the sheer number of excellent and affordable restaurants, although the downside (if it could be called that) of living here is that Melburnians can be real wankers when we're out of town. The standard of food and service at mid-range restaurants here is generally so good that when you're at an equivalent restaurant/cafe in another town, it's difficult to be satisfied. I have sat at a cafe in Sydney and spent an hour and a half basically bitching about how the waiter has over-filled my wine glass. Mercy!

Another audacious Aussie protest last night, about something that matters just a little bit more. This one was done by the latest evictee from the current season of Big Brother. Generally it's shite television, but last night it was completely hijacked in protest against John Howard's treatment of refugee children. Ballsy stuff!

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