Thursday, June 17, 2004
Just Accept It

I'm sure it must be a very bitter pill for the pro-Bush crowd to swallow, but I think it's time to face reality: Saddam Hussein had no meaningful ties to al Qaeda. Whether through deceit or simple incompetence, the Bush administration led us into a war on false pretenses. Knowing that conservatives pride themselves on their attachment to "personal responsibility", I look forward to seeing them take personal responsibility for the enormous fucking mess we're seemingly irretrievably mired in now.

(Sadly, it seems that the man who most needs to take responsibility will be the last to do so, as usual.)

Kevin Drum makes a good point. So does the New York Times.

Also: off-topic, but important: Rumsfeld personally ordered soldiers to disregard the Geneva Conventions. That makes him a war criminal; it's a pretty simple equation, really. Now, I'm sure that the prisoner in question was a nasty piece of work, and in this particular case I'm not shedding all that many tears over it. But we uphold the Geneva Conventions for the benefit of our soldiers, not theirs. Too many pro-war folks seem to overlook this fundamental point.
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