Saturday, June 05, 2004
Mike Wilson Hates Michael Moore

I ran across this article just now.

Anybody who wants to know how I feel about Michael Moore need only click the link to the left; I can't really sympathize with him over this stuff too much... he can more than handle himself, and to an extent this kind of thing is inevitable. If you talk a lot and make controversial arguments, you're going to get a certain number of people trying to talk back. I'm sure he can still sleep at night.

But it does rather go to show that, if one side is imperfect, the other can be downright disingenuous:
"What I'm out to influence is how people perceive what he's telling them. I just want them to know documentary makers are inherently dishonest. They walk into something with a point of view," Wilson says.

He doesn't exclude himself from that charge. "I'm being very honest," he says. "I'm manipulating (audiences) with this film."

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