Tuesday, June 22, 2004
Minor Triumphs

I'm reaching the end of my endurance.

This is a common point to reach on any shoot... the moment when you hit the wall, and feel unable to continue any further. You get past it, of course; you just do what you've got to do, and eventually you either get a second wind, or the production comes to an end. In this case, the latter is likely to happen before the former.

But I haven't had a day off in weeks; I feel as though I'm "on duty" continually, people calling me up to solve little problems and answer questions. The main cause of my malaise isn't physical exhaustion, it's the simple fact that I've had almost no time for myself in the last month. And as a person who needs a certain amount of silence and solitude, the lack of personal time can wear me down as much as sleep deprivation or hunger (if not as quickly).

We're going to get through this shoot, though -- everyone is feeling it, not just me, so I have no place to complain -- but I'm ready to be through with this.

The good thing about reaching this point is that small pleasantries become that much more gratifying... my bed has rarely felt as welcoming as it does now, for example. Also, I was very pleased to discover today that, somehow, I am suddenly able to send text messages overseas.

Text messaging was my primary mode of on-the-run communication in London; I also used it frequently to have happy little interludes with friends in farther-flung places. He who is known here as Smithers was a common text buddy. But when I got back to the US, I found I was no longer able to indulge in international text messages, and nobody here seems to use them. So I forgot about them altogether.

But early this morning turned on my phone to discover than a friend in London, Dom, had sent me a message... and it had actually gotten through. I replied, not really expecting my response to hit the other end, but miraculously it did. A later test message to Smithers confirmed: I can text abroad again. Hooray!

So if any of my foreign friends read this and want to drop me a 160-character line, let me know.
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