Saturday, June 26, 2004
Other People's Lives

Sometimes, for no particular reason, we are afforded glimpses into the lives of strangers.

I wrote a couple of days ago about text messaging and my renewed capacity for it. Prior to writing that, I hadn't received a single text in well over a year... not a single one. Since then, I've been trying it out, but being a bit cautious since I don't actually know how much they're costing me yet.

But last night I got two I didn't understand, in the midst of several more from recognized sources. They were wrong numbers; somebody sent me messages intended for someone else:
U mean a comma so he might not live

Im going to savanna

I'm assuming "comma" is supposed to be "coma," and "savanna" doubtless refers to Savannah, Georgia.

My first instinct was to frantically go over the list of people I know in Savannah, which, as it happens, is exactly zero. Then I checked the number against every name I could think of -- who's in a coma? -- but nothing matched up. It's a Mississippi phone number, which could make sense for me, but the lack of context seemed to insist that these were just misdirected messages. I tried calling to find out who the sender was, and to let them know their messages didn't make it to their intended target, but nobody ever answered.

So somebody out there is currently sitting in a hospital Savannah, fretting over a comatose friend or loved one. And strangely, I know about it, even though I don't know who they are or what that means to them.

It's just weird is all.
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