Saturday, June 26, 2004
Record Bustin' Daddy

There isn't a free link available yet, but apparently as of this morning, Fahrenheit 9/11 is in the #1 spot for the weekend. There are still two days to go, but after Friday, F.9/11 had pulled in $8.2 million, and White Chicks had done only $6.8 million.

"Fahrenheit" is crushing both expectations of those involved in the film as well as industry rivals.
Ortenberg said that while tracking data did not predict sales this strong, the trends had been encouraging.

"The most important thing in the tracking is the trend. Every day our numbers keep going up for awareness and interest," he said.

Sehring added, "It would be great if it held for the weekend. It could break the documentary box office record in just one weekend."

(Ripped shamelessly from Kos)

Phenomenal. Simply fucking phenomenal.
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