Sunday, July 11, 2004
Bert: AWOL

All right, dammit... who stole Bert? 'Fess up; I know one of you has him. I'm going to turn around, and when I turn back I expect to see my "Terror Level: Bert" button back in its correct place. If you put it back now, I won't ask any questions.

But seriously... that sucks! Where'd he go? The whole geekandproud website seems to be down. Bugger... I knew I should've uploaded a copy to my own server.

(He probably just picked up a few underage whores and went on a coke-fuelled bender... he is, after all, evil.)

I'm going to give it another day or two to re-appear, and then I guess I'll have to go find some other Terror Alert system to replace it (which is a shame, 'cause I really liked Bert.) Maybe they do a Teletubby terror alert system? We'd never have to drop below La-la...

Update: Bert has happily returned from whatever nefarious goings-on he was up to, and has resumed his place in the left-hand column. Watch the newspaper for details.
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