Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Checking In

Sorry to the readership (both of you) for my silence over the last couple of days... I've been going flat-out on the shoot, and I've barely had time to shower and do laundry, much less write scintillating commentary on the state of the world. The good news is that I finally got some sleep last night (fourteen hours! woohoo!), and I have a fairly short shoot tonight, so with luck I'll be able to crank out two nice, long posts tonight, and get myself caught up. Check back.

Update: Well, no short shoot tonight... it's almost 3 AM as I write this, so I'm not going to post anything now. BUT, we got an unexpected day off tomorrow (a location fell through) so I'll have time to write those two posts, do some laundry, and take a shower. And email Denny the #$%@#!* Co-op schedule.
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