Monday, July 12, 2004
Delay This, Asshole

The Bush administration wants to "delay" the elections in case of a terrorist attack.

During the Civil War, in which half a million Americans (a hell of a lot for the time) were brutally slaughtering each other on American soil, the national election was never "delayed". During World War II, when the United States was very much "at war" and which was the only other time in which the United States had been attacked by foreign body within its own borders, the national election was never "delayed". If such an attack were to occur, it would be tragic to be sure, and frightening and distressing for everyone. But I don't see any way in which the potential "delay" of the national election benefits anyone but the current administration. In my opinion, if such an attack were to occur, it would only underline the absolute necessity of an election, because somebody isn't doing their job very well.

Short of Armageddon -- in which case it probably won't matter anyway -- I am vehemently, profoundly opposed to the idea of "delaying" the election.

To paraphrase a common sentiment going around these days, it's not that I believe the conspiracy theories about the Bush administration, it's just that every fucking thing the Bush administration does seems to make me think about conspiracies.
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