Tuesday, July 13, 2004
I Love To See The GOP Squirm

This is funny in a dark way, and heartwarming in a cold, ironic way.

The Republicans in the U.S. Senate apparently spent yesterday trying to delay a vote on their Marriage "Defense" Amendment (aka the Hate Amendment). That's right... they're filibustering their own damn bill. Why? Because they can't even get a simple majority for it, much less the 2/3 majority they need to send it on.

It's actually pretty reassuring to know that in a GOP-controlled Senate, there still aren't 51 Senators willing to vote for the damn thing.

This amendment is an odious bit of legislation that deserves to go the way of Jim Crow and Separate-but-Equal; its proponents will inevitably be viewed by history as the close kin of the old White Citizens' Councils of the 60s. Our new Civil Rights Movement is going to be an uphill battle, folks, but I have faith that tolerance and the concept of equal rights for everyone will ultimately win the day.
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