Friday, July 02, 2004
Michael Moore / Fahrenheit 9/11 Index

I've done a lot of posting on the subject, so it seems useful to put all of those posts in one place for easy indexing.

In chronological order:

On Michael Moore
Mike Wilson Hates Michael Moore
Bill O'Reilly Hates Michael Moore, Too
Documentary Miscellany
Not My Proper Post About Fahrenheit 9/11
Fahrenheit 9/11, part I
Record Bustin' Daddy
Fahrenheit 9/11, part II
Rebuttal To Hitchens
Record Bustin' Daddy: Update
Oh, And By The Way...
Stirrin' The Pot
Some Thoughts On The Nature Of Documentary
Just One More Post About Michael Moore

PS: The film has continued to do remarkably well, and as of this writing is currently closing in on $40 million at the box office. Huge.
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