Friday, July 16, 2004
Non-Journal, Day Five

I almost got another day off today. We had some heavy rain sweep through the area today, which threatened the day's shooting, all of which takes place outside. Lee apparently called everyone up and told 'em not to come; I, however, didn't get the message and showed up anyway. I showed up at his apartment at 6 on the button, only to find that there was no shooting going on. To keep me from having come all that way for nothing, though, Lee offered to take me out for dinner (something he'd promised to do last week, although I couldn't make it then.) We went to the P&H and sat around talking movies; very nice. He started getting annoyed, however, when 7PM rolled around and the promised thunderstorms had failed to materialize. We walked outside and, sure enough, it was mostly clear and not the least bit threatening. (It was still good that he'd rescheduled, because he'd really packed too much into the time alotted... everything was being shot during the "golden hour," but there was no way we could fit everything we had to shoot into that time frame in one night.)

Anyway, on the spur of the moment, he said, "you wanna go shoot some background plates for the CGI shots?" This was stuff he had scheduled tonight anyway, and we didn't need any of the other crew members or actors for it; all we needed was me, Lee, Lee's car, and the camera. I ended up taking several travelling shots, hanging out of the trunk of Lee's Beetle, trying my hardest to get steady shots while holding the camera about four inches above the pavement. It was kinda fun (in a scary way), but really hard work. We got the shots, though, and I was pleased with myself for having survived the dangling-from-the-car stuff intact. We went back to his apartment and he digitized some of the shots, which were all day-for-night stuff and looked possibly still too-bright to be effective. After tweaking the brightness and contrast, though, they looked very good, so he was satisfied. We might have to re-take one or two to make 'em slower (even ten mph looks like thirty onscreen, way too fast for a running figure), but that won't be for a while.

The downside is, all this rescheduling means that my Aug. 2 day off is no longer a day off, nor is the one following that. So it's gonna be like four friggin' weeks before I have a day off again.

He's also experiencing some minor frustrations with the lead actor, Devere. He's a very good actor (and he has a great ass), but he's, y'know, one of those insecure, sensitive-artist types. He needs a bit of validation, a little admiration from his director, but Lee sometimes seems at something of a loss. Still, he says he feels lucky to have landed Devere, so he's doing the best he can with it.

As Lee asked over dinner, "why do we do this?" I dunno, but I don't know what else I would do with myself if I weren't trying to make movies. This is what I live for, so I do what I have to do.
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