Friday, July 16, 2004
Non-Journal, Day Four
Now that's more like it. 
Lee graciously took my advice and let his crewies do their jobs; the result was a smoother shooting day that allowed him to do more rehearsing and still ended not too long after the scheduled time. And we crewmembers got something to take our minds off the suffocating heat, so all were happier. That didn't lessen our joy over finishing up our last shots in that sweat-lodge of an apartment, though; by now the set has been struck and we never, ever have to go back in there. Hooray!

We had a day off today, and starting tomorrow we've got seventeen straight shooting days before our next break on August 2. To be fair, many of those days are quite short, with only three or four hours of shooting per day... but still. I spent the day napping and re-hydrating, and still have some laundry to get through. From here on out, though, most of our shoots take place in pleasantly air-conditioned interior locations, or outside at a time of day that isn't quite so barbarically hot. (The jail scenes, which it turns out we don't shoot until next week, will be an exception... we shoot in a disused part of the jail, and it will be very, very hot once again. But it's just one day.

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