Saturday, July 17, 2004
Non-Journal, Day Six

Oppressive heat is really becoming a defining characteristic of this shoot. We spent the morning and early afternoon slowly braising in our own juices out in the July sun; although I began the day (as always) uniformly slathered with sunblock, by the time we left I'd developed a bit of a sunburn. That really pissed me off. I spend every damn day carefully avoiding sun exposure, and then I go and get sunburnt. Bugger! It's not bad, in any case... it doesn't hurt, it's just kinda uncomfortably warm. I'll have to be really careful tomorrow to make sure it doesn't get any worse.

Anyway, we were shooting some more car stuff... I did another couple of shots in the back of Lee's Beetle (not so much hanging from this time as sitting in with the hatch open), and then we did some stunt shots with an actual, honest-to-god stunt driver. Our shoot attracted a hoarde of neighborhood kids and onlookers, and we even had a few cops around to help close off the street. We felt so official! I, of course, didn't do any shooting at all for the stunt shots... we did a few takes from about fifteen feet from the point at which the stunt driver spun the car, which in itself was pretty intimidating; there was no way I was riding in the thing once I saw that. We had some dummy barricades set up, and one of 'em broke the windshield on the first take. Lee spent the afternoon hustling to find an autoglass place that would fix it on a Saturday afternoon. We need it undamaged for another shoot tomorrow morning. But we got our shots today, and while I haven't see 'em all yet, what I did see was looking pretty good. It should look a lot better still once it's been edited together.
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