Saturday, July 24, 2004
Non-Journal, Day Ten

Nothing so interesting to talk about tonight... really I'm just killing time until the morning shoot. Lee has arranged the schedule in such a way that night and early-morning shoots tend to alternate; I got home at ten tonight, but have to be back downtown at 7 AM tomorrow. Given that my internal clock is set on a noon-to-3AM schedule, the early morning stuff really goes against my nature. I'm just starting to wind down when it's time to get up and get ready to go to work. It really rather sucks, to be honest.

The last few nights I've had this problem, I've decided to try to get a few hours of sleep in the interim. It always fails: I toss and turn until 3 AM, finally fall asleep, and then have to painfully drag myself out of bed at 5, feeling worse than before. So tonight I'm going the alternate route -- no sleep at all. In my experience this is usually a preferrable arrangement, even though around this time, 2:30 to 3 AM or so, the urge to sleep becomes pretty intense. We've only got one scene to shoot tomorrow; I don't want to jinx it by saying it should be pretty _____, but it should be pretty _____.

Anyway, back to tonight...

We shot a news reporter scene at a fancy-schmancy house bordering Overton Park. The owner is a very nice lady (with a very nice husband and a very nice son) who, from what I can gather, is connected to the Shelby County Film Commission in some way. She also lives next door to the head of the Film Commission... apparently the job pays pretty well, 'cause these are some expensive houses. As we got the shoot underway, we started glimpsing some lightning; ten minutes later we heard the first of the thunder. As far as I was concerned, this was great news: it guaranteed a timely end to the shoot. (Lee's a good guy, but a little over-obsessed with coverage... I've literally seen him take five or six angles on one or two lines of dialogue, more coverage than he can possibly use. He also has a tendency to get so wrapped up in what he's doing that he becomes oblivious to the crew and any cast members with whom he isn't currently working; you can't say anything to him because he won't hear you, and he forgets to tell you what you need to know. It's frustrating.)

Just as we got a solid take of the scene, the wind started to kick up, and we scrambled to get all the kit in before the rain began. The nice lady with the nice husband and son and fancy-schmancy house ordered pizza for all of us -- see, I told you she was nice -- and we hid indoors while the worst of the rain passed. I always get nervous when I'm in midtown in a heavy rain; the streets don't drain very well, and it's all too easy to end up with knee-deep floodwaters across crucial bits of road; I've been stranded before. Fortunately I only had one or two small streams to drive through on the way home.
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