Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Non-Journal, Days Seven, Eight, and Nine

This is the problem in falling behind with this journal: when I finally get time to fill in the blanks, it's so over that I have to re-live the days in question to write about them, which is the last thing I want to do on my day off. So pardon me if this all seems a bit cursory; my heart's not in it.

Day Seven... what the hell did we do on day seven? Let's see... oh, right. We spent the day shooting at an office downtown; a long shoot, but pretty enjoyable. I made the mistake of going out for a quick drink with Diana afterwards; I had a great time with Diana, but ended up staying out far too late for my own good, considering I had to be up at 5 AM the next morning.

Day Eight: shooting at Cactus Jack's, out sorta near the airport; a long, long, long day. I woke up in a foul mood, having only gotten four hours of sleep, really not looking forward to fourteen hours of shooting. Once we got past mid-day, though, things picked up, my mood lifted a bit, and I started to enjoy it again. Once we were done we hung around briefly and chatted with the bartender and each other. My exhaustion was eased somewhat by the knowledge that we didn't have to start shooting until the evening the next day.

Day Nine: shooting at an all-purpose reception space in Midtown. It wasn't an easy shoot... there was a lot of annoying ambient noise in the location, and the guy supplying our prop-food (from the restaurant next-door) was kind of a dick in spite of the fact that we were paying. Everything took far longer than it should have(because of aforementioned ambient noise), so we ended up taking seven hours to shoot two fairly simple scenes. Lee got in kind of a tizzy, and the actors were complaining of the mild heat... they weren't in the apartment set, they don't even know what "hot" means. The actors who look down on the crew, even subtly, are the ones I dislike; at this level, we're all in it together. Still, you can't expect much more from 'em; it's not their job to sympathize, just to look pretty and say the lines.

We got our day off today because the day's location, a model apartment in a high-end building, wasn't actually booked for the day by the guy handling the locations. I welcomed the free day, even though I expect I'll regret it later when we lose a day off to re-schedule. Tomorrow's another early morning (I hate those the most), shooting at the correctional facility out in Shelby Farms. It's going to be hot again, but at least there's a clear end-time; we can't shoot past 6 PM.

It's almost 11:30 now; I have another very, very long post I'm working on, but I need to get a few hours of sleep before tomorrow's shoot... the blog's really suffering this week. With luck, next week the load will lighten a bit and I'll be able to catch up. Until then, maybe Mr. Smithers (ahem) will help me out with a post or two. You never know, right?
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