Monday, July 12, 2004
Not A Production Journal...

...but I still feel compelled to write a few lines about the first day of this shoot.

The overwhelmingly dominant characteristic of the night was heat. The shoot was taking place in an empty apartment in one of those '20s vintage courtyard buildings in Midtown, which of course are bereft of central air. So, in July heat, and given that shooting conditions require that all fans be turned off and all windows closed, with four or five lamps on for most of the night and seven human bodies in the space... suffice to say it got a little warm in there. I don't know exactly what the temperature was, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find that it was 100F / 38C. Everyone was soaked through with sweat; we had to mop the actors (and ourselves) down with paper towels every few minutes lest they drip all over the set. For eight hours. Yep, it was kinda uncomfortable.

Even so, I found myself really enjoying it... the footage was looking great, the actors were quite good, and in spite of the heat everyone was bearing up. Our boomswinger is a nice kid who's home from college, and has directorial aspirations. This is the first live-action project he's ever worked on, so he's going to be tried by suffocating heat... if he still wants to make movies after this shoot, we'll know he's legit. Most people get wrapped up in the glamor, and don't realize until they're in it that 90% of filmmaking is more about enduring long hours of uncomfortable working conditions. If you don't love the work, there are a thousand easier ways to find fame and fortune. But if you're into it -- and I am -- even with the heat it was a lot of fun. Which is just as well, 'cause we're doing it again tonight... and the night after that... and all this week. I see a lot of laundry in my future.
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