Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Production Non-Journal, Day Two

More of the same. Back in the apartment, dripping sweat, doing roughly 40-50 takes in seven hours. The evening was improved somewhat by the replacement of John as 2nd AC with Diana, and the arrival of Doug as violin coach. The crew was perhaps slightly too preoccupied with chatting, but the shooting got done and I know that I, for one, enjoyed the dynamic more.

The heat was softened a bit with a third fan supplied by the lead actor, DeVere; Diana and I also fiddled around a bit with a thermostat we found. The AC isn't supposed to work, but we tried it anyway; just before we left, we both perceived a faint cool breeze in the apartment, perhaps the product of an attic fan or something. Anything would be an improvement.

I'm getting to do pitiful little camera operating so far; Lee is running around like a little hamster on a wheel, and much of the time it's tricky even to get his attention, much less muscle the camera away from him. There's a two-part frustration in this: 1) I just want to run the camera; I'm good at it, and it is, after all, what I was brought on to do; and 2) Lee's still got six weeks of solid shooting to go, and he's going to risk burnout if he doesn't delegate a little more. Still, we're only two days in, so everybody's giving him his space; he's still so captivated by the work and in his special director place that it would be unrealistic to expect him to detach himself on any level.

My work so far has been an odd assortment of 1st A.C., gaffer, and grip; I solve problems, I make suggestions, I generally support and enable. Lee has a good eye (with roughly ten years as an animator under his belt, he should), and I sometimes feel as though I'm in the slightly-awkward position of being simultaneously less and more experienced than he is, while playing a secondary role. I feel like I'm missing something... just not sure what.

We've got two more days in the Anteroom of Hell, and then a day off (the last for a while.) Friday we shoot at the jail downtown, which will also be hot. Then, I think, we move to predominantly indoor, air-conditioned locations, so this should get easier in that respect.
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