Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Ten Good Reasons

Reason magazine, by no means a liberal publication (they're solidly libertarian), has published a list of Ten Reasons why no freedom-loving person, liberal or conservative, should vote for George W. Bush.

There are so many reasons to vote against Bush, and so few to vote for him. Even a self-respecting conservative -- provided they are not so blinded by fear and ideology that they can't see the plain reality before them -- should be able to see by now that Dubya's a turkey.

I'm not a huge fan of Kerry, either, as it happens -- for most of the reasons this piece details, in fact, if from a different perspective -- but Jesus Christ, anything's gotta be better than Bush. Seriously, I doubt "America" can survive another four years of this. Whatever is left after a second term of Bush couldn't be much more than a shadow of the nation it once was.

Get rid of this fucker. Worst president ever.
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