Saturday, August 14, 2004
The Olympics?

Yes, apparently so! I'm as surprised as you are; I had no idea. I suppose it makes sense -- I mean, I know they come around every so often -- but my radar's just not tuned to the mainstream media anymore. Certainly nobody I know has uttered a word about it.

Both of the last two Olympics were, for me, spent in intense romantic struggle. During the Sydney Olympics, I was in a relationship with an Englishman that was on its last legs. I remember sitting on the floor in his living room, looking at Sydney, then looking at him... looking at Sydney, looking at him... and beginning to realize that this probably wasn't going to last much longer. Not that Sydney won or anything... but I might be where I had my first inkling that better things waited for me outside Basingstoke.

(He was a classic case of bait-and-switch: when I first met him, he was a yachtsman, fresh off a round-the-world race; when I left he was an old fart with a dead-end job and too much of an interest in porn... and that's saying something, as I have no real objection to porn.)

Anyway, the Salt Lake City Olympics were spent during an agonizing crush on another guy, made worse by his fanatical attention to them. As it turned out, he was a dick, too, but at the time he seemed to me to be the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Funny how that happens.

In any case, it's rather pleasant to feel the whole thing just sliding past me this year; an Olympics without melodrama is an Olympics I can safely forget when it's over.

Last night I went out to hear Tamaras play for real; she really does have a magnificent voice, rather Joan Osborne-like. Diana, who was doubtless stuck on Lee's shoot, didn't make it over, which was a pity. Yesterday was my first formal day off, though -- I don't have to shoot again until Monday -- and it was one of the most relaxing days off I've ever had. I had a great mail day, and ended up with all kinds of interesting stuff to read (Granta, Harper's, The King Arthur Flour Baker's Catalogue -- speaking of which, that's something else I should do while I'm off; fresh bread is good for the soul), so I spent the day on the sofa reading and watching Like Water For Chocolate (which was good but not quite as good as I remembered it.) My goals for today are to get all the kinks out of my back and shoulders -- I always used to carry tension in my lower legs, but in the last six months it's all travelled upwards; why do you suppose that is? -- and catch up on some correspondance.

Oh, and get this -- I got my second jury duty summons of the year yesterday. Goddammit! Why can't they pick on somebody else?
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