Friday, August 13, 2004
Pleasant Evening

We're experiencing unseasonably cool weather right now; today was absolutely gorgeous, sunny and 75F or thereabouts. We did a bit of shooting at the Arcade Restaurant downtown, and then went to Mud Island to film by the river. I haven't been over there in years, and I'd forgotten about the beautiful little park they have; with the pleasant weather it was particularly nice. Not even many mosquitos.

Afterwards, Diana and I decided to go have a bit of a hang-out somewhere. We went to Cafe Francisco first, but it was about to close, so we strolled up the block to Precious Cargo. I'd been there once before a couple of years back, helping to shoot a poetry slam (not really a happy experience, to be honest), but I'd forgotten how nice it was. We sat down and ordered coffee (for me) and tea (for Diana) and got to talking about the film and filmmaking in general and politics and that sort of thing. We overheard a live performance in the next room -- someone with a beautiful voice -- but we'd come to talk, so talk we did.

After a bit, the music switched from live to recorded. The guy behind the bar came over to ask how we were, and then spontaneously introduced us to a small dark-haired girl; this was Tamaras, the person who'd just been performing. Why he decided to do this I'm not sure, but I'm actually quite happy he did. We started chatting to Tamaras as well; after a few minutes she and her girlfriend joined us at the table. We discussed Memphis and the South (Tamaras was on tour from California), the environment, the back way into the Grand Canyon, Tamaras' music, and our common astrological sign. (We've been playing "Who's A Sagittarius?" on the film shoot -- it's rather uncanny how accurately Diana guesses who is; she and I both are. Due to various influences in my youth, I know more about astrology than anyone should, although I don't actually put any stock in it in real life. Having said that, it's is rather peculiar how many of my closest friends have birthdays between November 22 and December 21. Anyway, Tamaras turned out to be a double Sag with a moon in Aries; true to form, she's something of a fireball. For the record, her girlfriend was a Gemini.) Diana bought a CD (I was cash broke so I couldn't), and Tamaras told us she was playing again the next night at Java Cabana, a place very familiar to Co-op people. Diana and I both hope to go, and hopefully drag a few more people along with us.

Anyway, Tamaras has a website here, and for local people who are interested in hearing her -- she is very good -- she's playing at Java tomorrow night at 9 PM.
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