Thursday, September 16, 2004
Because You're Bored

Just killin' time, kids.

The famous MeatShake: Meat. Lots of meat.

Giant Microbes: finally, streptococcus pyogenes in a soft 'n' cuddly form. Or give your sweetheart a plush Epstein-Barr virus for Valentines Day!

MANties: the creepiest thing about these isn't the basic concept -- who am I to judge? -- but rather that I don't know a single woman who actually wears underwear that looks like this. At least not since she was, like, five years old. The idea of a grown man wearing ladies' underthings is, y'know... whatever; but the idea of a grown man wearing little girls' underwear is just icky.

Bert and Ernie's Guide To Eroticism: the further corruption of my beloved childhood memories. (Grown-ups only, please.)

And finally, a Japanese game that will rob you of an hour from your life: GROW. Just keep playing, you'll figure it out.
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